The Abysmal Brutes

Writing Flash Fiction

October 28, 2020

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
It'll save every one of us

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
It's a miracle

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
Prose of the impossible*


The Abysmal Brutes give some tips on writing flash fiction. There are a lot of flash fiction markets out there. A lot of opportunities to test yourself. You may have a short time to tell a tale but take your reader on a journey. It’s best to limit your characters. You can’t write Ocean’s Eleven instead lean more towards Ocean One. Flash fiction doesn’t require a huge investment of time to write but it does require your entire focus. And the last tip is just common sense. Read a lot of flash fiction. There are great online flash fiction publishers out there to enjoy.


*Hat tip to Queen from the 1980 space opera film Flash Gordon.              

Music: Matt Mitchell Project “Back to Me”