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Writing Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
It'll save every one of us

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
It's a miracle

Flash Fiction! Ah-ah
Prose of the impossible*


The Abysmal Brutes give some tips on writing flash fiction. There are a lot of flash fiction markets out there. A lot of opportunities to test yourself. You may have a short time to tell a tale but take your reader on a journey. It’s best to limit your characters. You can’t write Ocean’s Eleven instead lean more towards Ocean One. Flash fiction doesn’t require a huge investment of time to write but it does require your entire focus. And the last tip is just common sense. Read a lot of flash fiction. There are great online flash fiction publishers out there to enjoy.


*Hat tip to Queen from the 1980 space opera film Flash Gordon.              

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Examining Your Writing Identity

Are you afraid to explore the themes hidden in your fiction? Do you question your place as a writer? Welcome to the everyday life of the Abysmal Brutes. In this episode, we examine where we are at this moment as writers, do a little autopsy on our writing pattern and style then commiserate about the results. Bill is not of fan of holding a mirror up to his stories. Rob wonders if he should write in different genres or focus on a singular voice that carries over to all genres. If you have questions about your own writing identity, maybe laughing at the lad’s foibles will make you appreciate your own writing process. Come join us.

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Richard Stark’s The Score

The town of Copper Canyon is ripe for the picking and cold, methodical Parker has just the gang and plans to get away with all the loot. The Abysmal Brutes take an eye to a classic crime novel “The Score” by Richard Stark. Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake created one of the most iconic ruthless criminals in all of fiction. Bill admires Parker as someone who takes his profession seriously. Rob marvels at the pragmatic use of structure in a Parker novel. The guys take on all aspects of Parker and his associates attempt to pull off the heist of an entire town.


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Where Are The Readers?

The Abysmal Brutes take a look at how short fiction magazines cultivate readers. Is it better to offer free content? Or should readers pay for the fiction they want? How do we support all the magazines and anthologies that come out every month? Even if we bought everything we could afford, how can we read all of these great works of fiction? There are a lot of questions to mull over in building a lasting readership. We don’t have all the answers. We’re just a couple of Pop Culture loving bums doing our best to support creators in this age of non-stop story streaming venues.

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Slow Bear by Anthony Neil Smith

"Slow Bear" by Anthony Neil Smith is full of dark humor and vile characters. Some trying to do the right thing. Whatever that means to them. Take ex-rez cop Micah “Slow Bear” Cross, the one time he attempted to be a hero he got his damn arm shot off.  Hell if he’ll play the hero again. The Abysmal Brutes review Anthony Neil Smith’s wonderfully noir novella from Fahrenheit 13. Rob digs all the effed up characters and cinematic action. Bill wishes he could write hard-boiled prose so smoothly. We want more tales of Slow Bear to read and so will you after reading “Slow Bear”

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TechNoir Time With Switchblade Magazine

Do you like unapologetic fiction about stolen memories, cyber- augmented guns for hire, synthetic Femme Fatales, super soldier war vets, cyborg bad betties, and finders of lost souls?  Switchblade Magazine launched a special TechNoir issue that pumps fresh neon blood into the dystopian cyberpunk genre. Editor Scotch Rutherford torqued his creative engine to make TechNoir a giant double magazine as well with an assist from brother publication Pulp Modern. These Blade Runner-esque magazines get the Abysmal Brutes seal of approval. Rob rallies everyone to support risk-taking independent and small press publications. Bill applauds the quality of fiction and the beauty of the magazine design. Check out this episode for a spoiler-free review of Switchblade Magazine TechNoir.

When Should You Give Up On Your Story?

Sitting in your email inbox is the thirty-sixth rejection for “King Kang Lives!” You sent it to every short story magazine and anthology the submission database offered. Some have received the story twice after a couple of rewrites. What the Hell is wrong with them? What the Hell is wrong with your story?  Is it time to put it in the Trunk with the other rejects? The Abysmal Brutes mull these questions over in their latest episode.  All you need is one magazine, one editor, one reader to believe in your story.  

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How Not To Write Your Author Bio

You’re not that funny and no one cares how many fur babies you have. In this episode, the Abysmal Brutes take on their most controversial subject yet…the author's bio. That little author bio at the end of the story that identifies you to the reader can be illuminating or render you a laughing stock. And that is something completely in your control. Slow down and treat your bio with as much respect as you do your other writing craft. Self-deprecation can be good but in small doses. Less is more in the Abysmal Brutes' humble opinion.

Special Alert: If you correctly count how many times Rob yawns in this episode and email it to , we will send you a prestigious No-Prize*

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*the Abysmal Brutes have no authority to present the so mentioned No-Prize as Marvel Comic’s lawyers have so succinctly warned us in multiple letters.

What Is Your Writing Identity?

When someone asks you what you do at a party, what do you tell them? Do you tell them you are a writer or do you tell them you sell widgets for the Acme Corporation?  The Abysmal Brutes converse on establishing your self-identity as a writer.  We reveal how other writers established their identities. Rob jabbers on about “Creative Quest” by Questlove and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Bill compares his identity to a hollow chocolate Easter bunny. But he's no nihilist dammit! How do you want to be known as a writer? Only you have the answer but the Abysmal Brutes provide some guiding questions.

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Can Prose To Screen Adaptations Work?

“I don't know why Hollywood is fascinated by my book when they never care to film it as I wrote it,” said Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend. With the giant thud that was the ending of Game of Thrones on HBO fresh in our minds, the Abysmal Brutes thought it would be interesting to explore what happened. Is the novel, novella, short story or comic book inherently incompatible with film or TV? Alan Moore, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and many others have had their work adapted to the cinematic medium. Where the creators as happy as the audience? Bill and Rob jibber jabber about all perspectives on their latest episode.

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