The Abysmal Brutes

The Submission Experiment Project X

April 9, 2021

One dream of ours is to have stories in the same publication together. In this episode, the Abysmal Brutes have a little debate, a tete-a-tete that will lead to a series of further episodes called the Submission Experiment. Bill and I will present some potential short fiction markets that we think we can both publish in. Out of this list of magazines or anthologies, we will choose one. This choice will remain secret and be our Project X. After our decision, in future episodes we will let you in on our process. From gathering ideas, to actually writing our stories following with submitting them to the publication. Finally, the last episode in this series will hopefully be about both of our acceptance into the same magazine.

*Recorded at an outdoor location that may or may not be a lost bird sanctuary.

Music: Matt Mitchell Project “Top of the World”