The Abysmal Brutes

The End Is Nigh and It Sucked

July 10, 2015

Did you shout at your TV when The Sopranos series finale faded to black? Did you throw your dog-eared paperback of Stephen King’s “It” at your wall when you finished the last page? Why is it so incredibly difficult to give a story a satisfying wrap-up? From David Chase to J.K. Rowling, all storytellers struggle with ending their tale. The Abysmal Brutes bring in pop culture raconteur Rocko Jerome to get to the crux of the problem that perplexes storytellers and their audiences. Frank Hebert, the author of Dune, said, “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” Rob, Bill and Rocko celebrate the endings we love and offer ways to tweak endings that left us unsatisfied on this latest episode.