The Abysmal Brutes

TechNoir Time With Switchblade Magazine

December 7, 2019

Do you like unapologetic fiction about stolen memories, cyber- augmented guns for hire, synthetic Femme Fatales, super soldier war vets, cyborg bad betties, and finders of lost souls?  Switchblade Magazine launched a special TechNoir issue that pumps fresh neon blood into the dystopian cyberpunk genre. Editor Scotch Rutherford torqued his creative engine to make TechNoir a giant double magazine as well with an assist from brother publication Pulp Modern. These Blade Runner-esque magazines get the Abysmal Brutes seal of approval. Rob rallies everyone to support risk-taking independent and small press publications. Bill applauds the quality of fiction and the beauty of the magazine design. Check out this episode for a spoiler-free review of Switchblade Magazine TechNoir.