The Abysmal Brutes

Does Your Fight Scene Suck? Probably

October 28, 2018

Bang! Does your big fight scene explode off the page? Pow! Or is it boring and drawn out like a bad Saturday Night Live skit? Zing! This show’s topic comes from an article on the Do Some Damage group blog called “Your Fight Scene Sucks, Fight Me!” by David Nemeth. Rob and Bill examine the premise of this article and whether fight scenes suck or are just poorly written.  We hit on Don Pendelton’s “The Executioner” novels, sword and sorcery tales, Laird Barron, Frank Bill, Joe Abercrombie, Sam Hawken, Nicola Griffith and Charlie Huston.  No punches are pulled on this episode of the Abysmal Brutes!

Music: Matt Mitchell Project "Top Of The World"