The Abysmal Brutes

2018 The Year So Far In Pop Culture

July 4, 2018

It’s July. We are half way through 2018 and The Abysmal Brutes are looking back at what they’ve dug so far. On the TV front, shows like The Terror and Legion. Authors Sam Wiebe, William Boyle, Kristen Lepionka, Laird Barron, Jonathan Ames and Caitlin R. Kiernan released excellent fiction this year. The cinematic front brought You Were Never Really Here, Annihilation, Red Sparrow, Quiet Place and Black Sparrow.  Of course Bill throws an anachronistic curve ball by including older pop culture consumed this year. He wouldn't be Bill if he didn't. And there may or may not be an Abysmal Brutes Festival on the horizon.

Caitlin R Kiernan