I’ll never finish. This story sucks. I suck. Everything I’ve written is garbage. Total soul-sucking garbage!! No one will read my book, not even my mother. Have you ever had these thoughts as a writer? Thoughts so pervasive they crush your will to create? They are mostly mind-gremlins scheming to take you off task. The one truth they do contain is that no one will read your book if you don’t FINISH. Bill and Rob confess their own issues with finishing creative work and discuss ways to fight off your own personal mind-gremlins.

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Are you one of those writers who think your dialogue is untouchable? That everything else is fair game for critiquing but don’t even think about changing your dialogue. Not. One. Iota. These convictions place you on Bill’s side of the battlefield. If you are of the mind that none of your writing is sacrosanct and is open to editing, you stand with Rob’s faction. All you Elmore Leonard wannabes need to pay heed. Will this frothy fracas lead to the end of the Abysmal Brutes as we know it? See whose side you belong with on this episode!

Music: Matt Mitchell Project “This Town”

A good Beta Reader is more precious than gold, Frankenstein and myrrh. I think I got one of those right and that’s why you need a Beta Reader…to let you know what doesn’t work. Clarity, tone and pacing are just a few of the areas benefiting from a second pair of eyes. Bill likens them to his “screening audience”. Rob values their worth but is experiencing a recent dearth in Beta Readers and potential candidates. The time to hunt for these valuable allies to your success in writing is now.

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This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Atomic Blonde was seen at local Cineplex nationwide. Agent Rocko Jerome along with the support of the Abysmal Brute Ops team witnessed the electric brutality of this film. We will stop at nothing to promote Charlize Theron’s  Cold War neon spy movie dominance of the summer blockbusters.  Codenames are revealed. Agents are unmasked. 1980’s synth beats are pounded.  This podcast will self-destruct in 3 seconds…

Grab your sunscreen. Pick up your beach towel. We have the cool read for your hot summer days. The Abysmal Brutes bring you their 2017 Summer Reading list or as Bill calls it, “Rob’s Reading List”. Bill is still reading Peter Benchley’s “Jaws” from the Summer of ’74. Lot of great writers putting out thrilling reads this year. Jordan Harper  “She Rides Shotgun”, Sarah Pinborough “Behind Her Eyes”, Benjamin Percy “Thrill Me”, Sam Wiebe “Invisible Dead”, Sarah Gerard “Sunshine  State”, Josh Malerman “Black Mad Wheel”, Sam Hawken “The Houeswife”, Jeff Vandermeer “Borne” and more to flex your eyeball muscles.

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Director Edgar Wright put tremendous heart and soul into his passion project Baby Driver. Baby played by Ansel Elgort is a music thrilled wheelman who drives a car like Fred Astaire dances in the rain. Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal and Eiza Gonzalez fill out the roles of Big Bad Wolves and Wicked Stepsisters in Wright’s modern day heist fairy tale heist. The greatest compliment we can give a movie, novel, TV show or any creative endeavor is that it inspires us to create something new ourselves.  If you want to cleanse your palate from all the hack Summer blockbusters, go see Baby Driver.

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Wonder Woman roars onto the film screen and soars to box office stardom. Linda Carter will always and forever be our TV Wonder Woman but Gal Gadot owns her cinematic portrayal of the Amazonian heroine.   Any questions about casting Gal Gadot were erased as she leapt around the island of Themyscira training with her sisters then bounded across the battlefield dispatching enemy soldiers. All DC movies should be this well crafted.  Recorded in our mobile studio in the parking lot of the movie theater so we can give you our instant gut reactions!

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You finally finished writing the last draft of your epic flying-bear jousting fantasy novel. It’s as polished a story as you can make it. The damn manuscript glows with promise. Now what do you do? You “Pitch” your baby that’s what! But Abysmal Brutes, that sounds like being a pushy salesman. I quit Sock World at the Outlet Mall so I didn’t have to sell bad knee highs to good people.  Dear listener, no one will believe in your story until you connect them to your story.  Bill and Rob highlight the aspects of a “Pitch” and how you can benefit from their failures to make that connection. I meant success.  Yeah, our success not failures.  Take a ride with The Abysmal Brutes as we explore the secrets of pitching your story.

The Abysmal Brutes Book Club is our way of championing books that we feell need a broader audience. This episode we shine the spotlight on two intriguing novels. Our first review is a speculative fiction novel we describe as steampunk Bladerunner, “Izanami’s Choice” by Adam Heine. Our second review stars juggernaut protagonist Camaro Espinoza in the ass-kicking thriller “Walk Away” by Sam Hawken. Samurai versus robots! Punches in the throat! Now this is a book club.



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Rocko Jerome drops the needle on his latest Ben Venice book with the Abysmal Brutes. He could have gone to Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly or the forthcoming Entertainment Monthly but we got the exclusive Rocko Jerome scoop first. The Season of the Scorpion delves deeper into the spy fiction you loved in the first Ben Venice book G.H.O.S.T. Agent. So if you dig smooth jazz, dangerous operatives and frosty femme fatales, pick up Ben Venice Book 2: The Season of the Scorpion today.

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