The Abysmal Brutes

Pursuing Life As A Storytelling Animal Part 1

December 8, 2013

Salman Rushdie said, “Man is the Storytelling Animal, and that in stories are his identity, his meaning, and his lifeblood.”  And The Abysmal Brutes use this episode to discuss our pursuits as storytelling animals.  Reoccurring Brute Rocko Jerome jumps aboard to share his insights and good writing fortune of late with The Lemon Herberts anthology and Ben Venice. The guys ruminate on the avenues to becoming professional storytellers and how they will rise to the top in their own varied way.  They kvetch about the proper chocolate chip cookies to milk ratio, Billy Shakespeare, getting their stories out there and is there even an audience that actually reads fiction anymore.

Music: “Let You Down” Clabbergirl