The Abysmal Brutes

The Legend Of Rocko Jerome Part One

July 28, 2013

This episode our guest will have your "brain boiling like a hot dog." Rocko Jerome graces The Abysmal Brutes studio and launches off when Bill alerts him that he is wearing his late father's pocket t-shirt. Rocko drops some pop culture nuggets about comic books and movies. Topics veer wildly from breaking the 4th wall to divorcing the art from the artist. "Kids love characters; adults love creators." Rocko believes "the best stories come from collabrations." Also gives his opinions on John Byrne, Chuck Barry and Orson Scott Card. He justifies his great appreciation for Jim Steranko as well. So much is covered that we broke our interview into two segments. Rob flips out a name that pauses Rocko just enough to leave on a cliffhanger. So check back often faithful listeners, Part Two is coming soon!

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Music: "Natural Disaster"  Clabbergirl