For some reason, there is a separation between what is read during the rest of the year and the “Summer”.  Has the publishing industry manufactured the Summer Reading phenomena like the greeting card companies created fake holidays such as Boss’s Day? The Abysmal Brutes do their usual hard hitting investigative brand of podcast journalism as they discover what makes a novel a Summer Read.  Bill pokes his thumb in the eye of publishing conventions while Rob gushes over his ever growing To-Be-Read pile.  Below are some of the books we discuss.

Stephen Graham Jones “Mongrels”, Laird Barron “Man With No Name”, Lisa Lutz “The Passenger”, Grady Hendrix “My Best Friend’s Exorcism”, Megan Abbott “You Will Know Me”, Malcolm MacKay “The Night The Rich Men Burned”,  Hannah Pittard “Listen To Me”, Walter Mosley “Charcoal Joe”, Duane Swerczynski “Revolver”, Gregg Hurwitz “Orphan X”, David Swinson “The Second Girl”, Noah Hawley “Before The Fall”, Iain Reid “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”, James Sallis “Willnot”

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