The Abysmal Brutes use their all-seeing Third Eye to peer into the past and gaze into the future of storytelling. We reflect on the loss of influential Pop Culture creators of 2016. Pat Conroy, David Bowie, Harper Lee, Darwyn Cooke, Gary Marshall, Curtis Hanson, Carrie Fisher and countless others that left an imprint on our storytelling DNA. Rob and Bill roll out their plans for their own fiction project release, a couple of novellas in the shared world of SuperMax Terra.  The guys also hip the listeners to what they are excited to read and watch in 2017. Frank Bill, Sam Hawken, Noah Hawley’s “Legion”, Bill’s mystery book that he can’t remember the title or recall the author, James Mangold’s “Logan”.  According to Bill, this is the Year of the Shark. So keep moving or die Pop Culture creators!

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