The Abysmal Brutes

How Not To Write Your Author Bio

August 31, 2019

You’re not that funny and no one cares how many fur babies you have. In this episode, the Abysmal Brutes take on their most controversial subject yet…the author's bio. That little author bio at the end of the story that identifies you to the reader can be illuminating or render you a laughing stock. And that is something completely in your control. Slow down and treat your bio with as much respect as you do your other writing craft. Self-deprecation can be good but in small doses. Less is more in the Abysmal Brutes' humble opinion.

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Music: Matt Mitchell Project “This Town”

*the Abysmal Brutes have no authority to present the so mentioned No-Prize as Marvel Comic’s lawyers have so succinctly warned us in multiple letters.